We believe in simple and fair pricing plans, helping manage 57,000+ properties.
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Smartbnb Monthly
15 / month
  • 1-2 listings
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Cancel any time
  • Email, chat and video support
Number of listings*
*We only charge for listings that have been profitable in the last 30 days.
14 day trial, no credit card required.

Cancel anytime

You are able to cancel your subscription at any time. There is no cancellation fee. We have a no bullshit policy.

Fair pricing

Our pricing scales gracefully, without eating your margins. You are only charged for listings that are profitable for you.

Secure platform

We never store your Airbnb password. Your account data is securely encrypted with state-of-the-art algorithms like RSA-2048 and AES-256.
You are only charged for a listing if there was at least one check-in in the past 30 days. You are given a 7 days notice if your rate changes, and you can always track that number in your account settings.
It is common to see our clients automating 95% of a conversation with their guests, from inquiry to review.
We do not require access to your email, nor do we require you to change your email address. Smartbnb will send native Airbnb messages, just like you would by interacting with the Airbnb app or website.
No. Even if a reply is sent by Smartbnb, the conversation with your guest will not be marked as read. This gives you a chance to review the conversation.
You will immediately receive an email from us, with a copy of the message sent to your guest.
The best step may be to check our Help Centre. We are always here to help if you have something specific in mind!

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