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Hello, I am traveling around Europe with my husband and your place seems great to stay. Is your place available? Do you offer a parking space?
Ellen Terry
New York, USA

Hi Ellen!

It would a pleasure to host you! We are so excited to host someone from New York.

I wanted to confirm right away that the flat is available from Friday, August 24, for 2 nights. The total price for 2 guests would be 290$.

We do offer one parking spot free of charge during your trip


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Automated with Events
01. convert inquiries

From inquiries to bookings within minutes

Automate every step of your guests' booking process with personal replies that help them book. Convert more guests, without any input.
  • Automate everything

    Generate personal messages on the fly. Start with our pre-configured templates for each event.
  • Powered with Artificial Intelligence

    Our AI can detect common questions (such as parking or WiFi). You can also train it on your own!
  • Fast response times

    Our replies are sent within a minute, while your guests are still looking at your listing. This boosts your ranking!
02. hospitality

Deliver hospitality at scale

We help you focus on your guests's needs and deliver your hospitality, all the time.
  • Improve your check-ins

    Reassure your guests with messages sent at the right time.
  • Keep up with your guests

    Follow up with your guest to ensure a great experience.
  • Manage your team

    Contact everyone you need to provide a great stay simultaneously.
  • Collect guests' reviews

    Make sure to collect 5-stars reviews with smart reminders.
Send instructions a few days before check-in.

Hello Ellen,

We hope this message finds you well, and that you are excited about your trip on Friday!

Here are some instructions to help make a great start in your stay at our flat:
. . .

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Automated with Reservations
Check on your guests during their stay.

Hello Ellen,

We hope you have settled in alright and that you are enjoying your stay.

Let me know if there is anything you need!

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Automated with Reservations
Hi, it’s been great so far, but we are having problems connecting to the WiFi.
Ellen Tery
Question detected: WiFi

You have to connect to the WiFi named OurSuperVilla with the password SuperVilla123.

If there is still a problem, you might want to reboot the router below the TV.

Sent from your account
Automated with Questions
Encourage your guests to post their review.

Hello Ellen,

Thanks for being a great guest! I hope you have been enjoying your stay. Please do not forget to write a review for and give us feedback, this means a lot to us!

Automated with Reservations
Hi, we loved our stay at your place! We will be posting our 5 stars review right now! Thanks again from being a great host!
Ellen Tery
New York, USA
Multiple accounts
03. manage

Manage everyone from one place

Managing check-ins, cleaners, third-parties and multiple accounts can get overwhelming so we built a tool that does all that in one place.
  • Manage your team

    All your messages from multiple accounts handle in one inbox.
  • All-in-one inbox

    All your messages from multiple accounts handle in one inbox.
04. optimize

Daily Market insights to help you grow

Insights on your pricing, listings, and ratings so you can keep on maximizing your listings.
From the day we signed up, we've seen the ranking of our listing go up. We have gone from being listed at 93 to being listed at 34!
Susan Armstrong
Airbnb Host

homeaway soon
booking soon

One tool, all the websites you host on

Stop juggling between all the different websites you are hosting on and manage every booking from the same place.
  • All-in-one Calendar

    One calendar to schedule tasks, set rates and availabilities across channels.
  • All-in-one Inbox

    Multiple channels, multiple accounts, one inbox to receive inquiries and accept bookings.
  • Channel Manager

    Always accurate availability and rates for your properties across channels.

Excellent 9.5/10

From individual hosts to hospitality start-ups,
we help manage 61,000+ properties.

A life changing app!

As a property manager with over 50 listing, keeping on top of guest communication is one of the critical tasks for our business. Smartbnb has transformed what was previously an incredibly time-consuming activity to one that takes care of itself.

Exactly what I needed!

I have loved Smartbnb from the moment I started with it. I manage 7 properties and this has been exactly what I needed to help me. I also really appreciate the customer service! A fantastic addition to my Airbnb vacation rental business!
Erica Mattia
Erica Mattia

The best decision to manage over 40 properties!

Using Smartbnb was probably the best decision I've made to manage over 40 Airbnb properties, it saves me time and employees, it's really reliable, customer support is always quick to respond. Great job! Highly recommended!!!

Excellent, flexible, reliable service.

Being able to automate messages has saved me countless hours in responding and made my guests happier because they receive accurate and timely information. The customization and artificial intelligence aspects of the service make this service stand out over all others.
Jeffrey Smith
Jeffrey Smith
United States

Smartbnb is a super system!

It saves [us] time, helps [us] keep the cleaning organized and allows [us] to free up time. There are always super friendly and helpful people to answer all my questions, and I can not recommend this program enough!

Super-easy guest communication with Smartbnb!

Smartbnb has simplified our communication with guests. Now when we're busy or traveling our post-booking, pre-check-in and pre-check-out message gets sent without a second thought! And it's great to see on a daily basis where we might be in the search rankings. Thanks Smartbnb for simplifying our lives! :)
Suite Retreat Colorado
United States
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